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NYC Vectorworks Users Group for Entertainment

The New York City Vectorworks Users Group for Entertainment had its first meeting on Monday, June 11th at Playwright’s Tavern on 49th Street. The group is being led by a steering committee that currently consists of Kevin Lee Allen (SD), Steve Backo (LD) and Diana Kesselschmidt (LD), all members of USA 829, with support from Vectorworks in Columbia, MD. About 40 NYC area designers, techs and meeting planners attended.

The first order of business was a half hour of socializing and networking, followed by some general origination and then a demonstration of the Braceworks Add-on to the software by Jim Woodward of Vectorworks. Braceworks allows for the complex modeling of truss structures and provides information for the calculations of loads by structural engineers. The tool is useful for set, lighting, and sound designers in all forms of entertainment, as well as concept artists and technical directors. Braceworks provides visual feedback to designers to avoid overloading structures and to provide for public safety.

In addition to Jim Woodward (Entertainment Senior Industry Specialist), Donald Ward (Training Manager), Michael Bance (Entertainment Account Specialist) and Juan Almansa (Director of Customer Success) also all attended the event from Vectorworks. We are looking forward to meeting other representatives of the company at future sessions. 

The general organization time was a wide-ranging discussion of scheduling, the steering committee reaching out for new members, ideas for future discussion and demonstrations by either group members or representatives from Vectorworks, as well as deciding that 5:30 on the second Monday of the month was a good time for meetings. There is an area on the Vectorworks Forums for interested people to follow and comment on future sessions. Click here for a free Membership/Registration for the Vectorworks online forums.

Anyone interested in joining the steering committee, suggesting ideas for future sessions, or who might be interested in presenting is welcome to post to that group page.

More socializing and networking followed the demonstration. For the inaugural event, Vectorworks generously provided beer, wine, and appetizers for the attendees. 

The next meeting will be on July 9th (the second Monday of the month) also at Playwrights beginning at 5:30 PM. Topics and demonstrations To Be Announced.