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Ergonomic Tech Table, January 16, 2018.

Kevin Lee Allen [SD] has designed an Ergonomic Tech Table that he wants to share with the membership. Download the 8-page PDF from this link:

Ergonomic Tech Table

From Page 1:

These drawing are schematic in nature. These are not construction drawings and will need to be adapted to any specific venue.

Drawings indicate construction suggestions only. Drawings will have to be adapted to specific venues and the venue's specific goals.

The key element in these drawings is how the table operates and the relationship of the worker to the work surface.

These drawings are about creating a tech table that will reduce users' fatigue.

These drawings are a guide to creating a more ergonomic workspace over, in and around areas that are designed for the audience and not not designed to accommodate the needs of the technical and artistic staff during technical rehearsals.

These drawings represent visual concepts and construction suggestions only. The designers are not engineers and are unqualified to determine the structural appropriateness of these designs, or exercise control over the improper use and handling of the finished pieces. Responsibility and Liability for the safe and workmanlike execution of these designs lies solely with the fabrication

All fabrication and finishing techniques must conform to the most stringent applicable Federal and Local Fire and Safety Codes.

All materials will be fire rated or have applied, suitable fire proofing that conforms to the most stringent applicable Fire and Safety Codes.

New Website Login for Members, October 4, 2010.

Welcome to the new USA 829 website!

Members: Your log-in data has changed. To log in as a member, you must use the following data:

Username = Your valid e-mail address, as found in the USA 829 member database.
     Contact any USA 829 office immediately to register your e-mail address if they don't already have it. Without that, you cannot log in to this website! Please don't assume that the union has the correct address for you: call them and verify it now.

Password = Your CAPITALIZED First Name InitialCAPITALIZED Last Name Initial +
     last 4 digits of Social Security #.
     Example: the Password for John Doe with SS# of 123-45-6789 would be JD6789.
     The Password is always case-sensitive, so JD6789 will work, while jd6789 or Jd6789 or jD6789 will not.

NOTE: Foreign members have been assigned a Password that uses their initials with their member number instead of the last four numbers of the SS#.