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Financial Planning Seminar - NYC, January 14, 2017.

Retirement Planning – Saturday, 01/14/17 – 10 am - 12 pm – NYC Office

Application Form: APPLICATION_Financial-Planning-Pre-Retirement_NY_USA-829_2017-01-14.pdf

Fundamentals of personal finances with an emphasis on building wealth and reducing risk while gearing up for retirement. An understanding of the funds that you have at USA 829 will be a fundamental part of this seminar. Vic Clement is with SOFA the Society for Financial Awareness a 501(c)(3) non-profit Public Benefit Corporation. Their mission is to provide Financial Education across America—no selling is involved. Affiliated with the AFL CIO and the United Way. Doors open at 9:30 at the Local 798 Union Hall – 70 West 36th Street – Suite 4A – NYC, NY, 10018 – Union Hall entrance. There is no fee for this seminar.

USA 829 Endorses HILLARY CLINTON, October 13, 2016.
United Scenic Artists Endorses

Hillary Clinton for President


Dear Members:

The Local Union Executive Board has voted unanimously to endorse Hillary Clinton for President. We made this resolution for a number of reasons but primarily because we believe that there has never been an election more important to our future as artists, as a union, as citizens of a democracy and as enlightened human beings.
We embrace a candidate who believes in our right to unionize, our right to create art without censorship, in the equality of women, in the equality of all people regardless of race, creed, political affiliation, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, gender identity or expression, and sexual orientation. We embrace a candidate who believes our diversity is our strength. We embrace the belief that the future can be improved for all people through mutual respect, cooperation and perseverance.

It is incumbent on each and every one of us to go to the polls and cast a ballot that protects the future of our families, hard fought civil rights for all people, the future of the Supreme Court, the democratic process, and our country. We urge you to vote and to cast your ballot for HILLARY CLINTON.


In Solidarity,
The Local Union Executive Board:

President: Beverly Miller
Business Agent: Cecilia Friederichs
Vice President: F. Mitchell (Mitch) Dana
Financial Secretary: Cathy Santucci-Keator
Corresponding Secretary: Carl Baldasso
Central Region Business Rep.: Matt Walters
Western Region Business Rep.: Monique L’Heureux
Trustees: (Eastern) Gail Buckley, Tracy Christensen, Jeff Davis, Rick Fisher,
Ted LeFevreCathy Nasch, Edward Pierce, Jesse Rosenthal
(Central) Scott Loebl, Donna Slager
(Western) Casey Cowan Gale, Rick Paulsen

Upcoming Training Opportunities & Applications, September 25, 2016.

Western Region

Vectorworks—10/29/16—LA (U of CA, Irvine)
Application Form:
     Lonnie Alcaraz [LD] will instruct the class and will show techniques for creating light plots in an organized and efficient manner. The class will cover the basics of Vectorworks Spotlight and the 3rd party software AutoPlot and Savvy S4 Section. The class will also illustrate the benefits of 3D sectioning and give a distinct process to take the designers plot list to a finalized plot.

Financial Planning Mid-Career—11/3/16—LA Office 
Application Form:
     Fundamentals of personal finances with an emphasis on building wealth and reducing risk while gearing up for retirement. An understanding of the funds that you have at USA 829 will be a fundamental part of this seminar. Presenter Vic Clement is with SOFA, the Society for Financial Awareness, a 501(c)3 non-profit Public Benefit Corporation. Their mission is to provide Financial Education across America–no selling is involved. Affiliated with the AFL CIO and the United Way.

SketchUp—11/12/16—Seattle Labor Temple 
Application Form:
     Learn basic SketchUp modeling techniques, gain familiarity with the SketchUp interface, and work through a simple project. SketchUp is a simple and powerful drawing tool to create 3D models useful for a design process, from conceptualization through fabrication. No 3D modeling experience required, although familiarity with 3D principles and drafting practices are beneficial. Students must provide their own laptop computer and must pre-load SketchUp Make (free) or SketchUp Pro ($) from the SketchUp web site: The instructor will be Martin Christoffel [SD].

Eastern Region

Rhino—Saturday 10/22/16—NYC Office 
Application Form:
     Instructors Peter Dorsey [SD] and Raul Abrego [SD]. This class will address you moving from your 2D platform to RHINO 3D. You must be already working on a 2D program in order to take this class. There is no fee for this class. You must have RHINO loaded on and bring your laptop and mouse.

Best Practices for Assistant Designers—Saturday 10/29/16—NYC Office 
Application Form:
     The ABCs of managing a budget and running a department during production while balancing the needs of serving your designer and employer (producer/GM) at the same time. While primarily geared to the Costume Department in Live Performance, the expectations and procedures discussed in this seminar will be helpful to anyone who works as an Assistant Designer.

Ergonomics—Saturday 11/19/16—NYC Office 
Application Form:
     Arlette Loeser, OTR, CIE/P, CLCP, a nationally-renowned ergonomics expert from Mount Sinai, will lead a lively interactive session on the best ways to work comfortably while preventing aches and keeping your posture intact. She will cover how to set up your workspace, easy “anywhere” stretches, and tips to comfortably use all of your portable electronic devices. Participants will gain practical information which they can apply in their daily routine. Q&A will follow.

ELECTION 2016: Find everything you need to vote here!, August 31, 2016.

Are you registered to vote?

Find everything you need to vote here:

Check your registration status, register online, get absentee ballot information, find your polling place, and more. 2016-2017 Licenses: $25, June 26, 2016.

Discounted subscriptions to 2016-2017 are available to IATSE members in good standing. The cost for the year’s license is $25.00 and subscriptions begin September 1, 2016 and ends August 31, 2017.

If you wish purchase a Lynda license please send a check to Local USA 829’s office by July 15th, 2016 at:

United Scenic Artists, Local USA 829
29 West 38th Street, Floor 15
New York, NY 10015
Attn: Cathy Keator

Make your checks payable to: United Scenic Artists Local USA 829 **. Checks received in Local USA 829’s office after July 15, 2016, may not have access to their account by September 1, 2016.  Accounts will become active within 10 business days of receipt of the enrollment forms/check from the local union by the IATSE office in NY.

In the MEMO line of your check please write:
LYNDA 2016-2017

If you have any questions, please contact
Financial Secretary Cathy Santucci-Keator at: 212-581-0300

** Also please provide the e-mail address you wish to use for your registration. Once your information is forwarded to the International you will be contacted via e-mail directly by to set up your account. Make sure you have in your e-mail contacts or approved senders list.

New Website Login for Members, October 4, 2010.

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