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6-Day Costume & Wardrobe Workshop Instructor in Anchorage, AK, April 26, 2014.

We are planning a 6-day workshop in Anchorage, Alaska for Costume Designers and wardrobe. This is for people who work in theater (IATSE members) and film and TV commercials. They all want to get better, improve their skills and knowledge of their craft. Alaska being Alaska, everyone has to wear many hats, so we want to offer a class that covers the creative as well as the practical aspects of costumes. That begins with reading a script then coming up with a design plan, then presenting that plan to the Producer, Director and Head of the Art Department. Research, sourcing, and managing the department need to be covered.

We held a very successful and similar 6-day workshop in Production Design and the Art Department in January. That course description is on our website:

provide airfare, accommodations, meals and a fee of $400 a day.

The dates are April 26 to May 1, 2104

This is a hands-on course, but we do not expect to be sewing original designs, although modification of existing garments is possible. We are open to suggestions for course content.

Want to learn more and discuss the course content and structure? Call David Lyman (Program Consultant, Alaska New Media Training Center) at 207-841-4139 or e-mail:


HAZCOM and OSHA Classes, April 26, 2014.

We will be holding a HAZard COMmunication Class and an OSHA Regulation Class on April 26th in the Local Union Conference Room at 29 West 38th Street, 15th floor, NYC, NY 10018.

HAZCOM will start at 9:00 AM and run until 1:30 PM. The OSHA class will begin at 2:00 PM and run until 4:30 PM.

Please RSVP to or Monona at to register.

These classes are mandatory for Industrials.

Beverly Miller
Business Representative for Film and TV
Office: 212-581-0300
Direct: 917-408-6149

Merritt Design Exposition wants YOU, April 21, 2014.

We want you! (or someone you know) to exhibit at The 2014 Michael Merritt Awards Design Exposition.

Should you exhibit?

Are you a professional designer looking for new contacts?

    The exposition is a room full of the region's producers and directors there to see your recent work in person.

Do you want more design assistant work?

    The Merritts are a designer run organization. All the top designers in town are there looking for their next great assistant.

New to town?

    The Exhibition has long been a fun and exciting way to meet a lot the Chicago design and directing community in one evening.

Like money?  Like winning?

    Since 2013 the best Profession and best Student design exhibitions each win a $500 prize.  You know your work looks great, you know you can showcase it creatively, go get that money!  This year the prize will be adjudicated by a select group of up and coming directors and artistic directors from exciting theatre companies.

Do you know someone who should exhibit?

Do you have a design assistant whose work should be better known in the city?

    Forward this message to her or him now!

Are the alumni from your design school doing exciting work and in need of more exposure?

    Forward this message to your alumni now!

Have you met an exciting professional designer who recently relocated to Chicagoland?

    The Design Exposition is a great way to meet the community in one evening, so forward this message now!

Graduating Students CLICK HERE for details on exhibiting.

Professional Designers CLICK HERE for details on exhibiting

Tickets are available online now: BUY NOW

2014 Michael Merritt Awards & Design Exposition

Monday, April 21st, 2014 | 4:30 - 9:30 pm

The Theatre School at DePaul University
2350 N Racine Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614

Professional Designers can win $500

    This year the best Professional Designer Exhibit at the Design Exposition wins $500. DETAILS HERE.

Calling all Directors, Production Managers and Producers 

    Are you an industry professional who hires designers or assistant designers?  The designers at our Design Exposition  would love to have you there. And we'll cover your ticket price and parking. DETAILS about Attendance Sponsorship are on our website.

Location & Directions

2350 N Racine

Red and Brown Lines to Fullerton.

$6.50 parking garage deal is available, just show your ticket or program at exit.



2 Vectorworks Classes in April, April 14, 2014.

If you're interested in either of the following classes, please RSVP to Beverly Miller:

Vectorworks - The Basics of 2d Drawing

Instructor: Luke Cantarella

Date: 4/14 Monday

Time: 6:30-10:30

Description: A introductory workshop for new Vectorworks users interested in transitioning from hand-drafting to CAD. We will be focusing exclusively on how to draw 2d shapes and create proper line weights, hatches and dashes to describe objects in orthographic views. Special emphasis on use of the floating datum, drafting aids, object info, and offset tools.

Vectorworks for Lighting Designers (with some interest for Sound Designers too)

: Cory Pattak

Date: 4/26 Saturday


Description: A workshop designed specifically for Lighting Design users of Vectorworks taught by Cory Pattak. Cory will introduce you ways of working with the Vectorworks tools specially designed for lighting (which has many cross-overs to sound design as well). Topics include VWs/Lightwrite conversion, Beam Draw plug-in, Custom Symbols and building a Template library.

Classes held at Pace University Lab
140 William Street, 2nd floor
NY, NY 10038

General Society Artisan and Labor Lecture Series, February 10, 2014.

The General Society Artisan and Labor Lecture Series

The General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen is delighted to collaborate with United Scenic Artists Local USA 829 on the Labor component of the 2014 Labor, Literature and Landmarks lecture series. In a series called A Day in the Life of... The General Society will be providing a behind-the-scenes look at the creative industries in New York, focusing on theater, television and cinema through the work of artists who are members of USA 829.  Beverly Miller, President, will introduce all of the USA 829 members participating.  Also listed below are a series of Artisan lectures that may also be of interest to USA 829 members.

Tuesday, February 11 – Artisan Lecture 6:30 pm

Robert Baird, Historical Arts and Casting, Traditional Ornamental Metalwork Artisan

Tuesday, March 4 – Labor Lecture 6:30 pm

A Day in the Life of… Feature Film Art Director and Production Designer: Inbal Weinberg

Tuesday, March 11 – Artisan Lecture 6:30 pm

Sebastian M. Gluck, Gluck Pipe Organs, Pipe Organbuilder Artisan

Tuesday, March 25 – Labor Lecture 6:30 pm

A Day in the Life of… Costume Designer: Tracy Christensen

Tuesday, April 8 – Artisan Lecture 6:30 pm

David Alan, David Alan Jewelry, Custom Jewlry Designer and Artisan

Tuesday, April 22 – Labor Lecture 6:30 pm

A Day in the Life of… Broadway Technical Director: Neil A. Mazzella

Tuesday, May 6 – Labor Lecture 6:30 pm

A Day in the Life of… Theater Scenic Designer: Beowulf Boritt  

Tuesday, May 13 – Artisan Lecture 6:30 pm

Daniel Storto, Daniel Storto Gloves, Haute Couture Glovemaker Artisan

Tuesday, June 3 – Labor Lecture  6:30 pm

A Day in the Life of… Project Manager: Tom Stein, Shubert Organization

All the lectures will be followed by a reception and all USA 829 members can attend at the discounted membership of $10. Please note that some of these dates may be subject to change, so please visit or e-mail for further information. Many thanks to USA 829 for all their help with the lecture series, especially to the participating artists and Beverly Miller.

Vectorworks - 20% Discount, October 31, 2013.

Members: Save 20%...

Vectorworks 2014 at a Discount

We’re excited to tell you about our new partnership with Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc., which now provides you with a 20% discount on the latest version of their professional design software. Vectorworks 2014 is a cross-platform (Windows/Macintosh), computer-aided design (CAD) program developed by Nemetschek Vectorworks. The software is currently used by thousands of Lighting, and Scenic Designers worldwide—including many of our members—and is viewed as the industry leader in entertainment design.

This partnership will enable you to realize the efficiencies already enjoyed by existing Vectorworks users for a fraction of the original price. You can also choose to purchase your software with Renderworks, the rendering application used with Vectorworks and powered by CINEMA 4D for high-quality presentations.
Specifics of the Offer

The packages being offered under this program and the discounted prices for USA 829 members are:

Product                                                                    MSRP            Union Cost

Vectorworks Architect 2014                                   $ 2,595          $ 2,076
Vectorworks Architect w/ Renderworks 2014          $ 3,145          $ 2,516
Vectorworks Spotlight 2014                                   $ 2,595          $ 2,076
Vectorworks Spotlight w/ Renderworks 2014          $ 3,145          $ 2,516
Vectorworks Designer 2014                                  $ 3,395          $ 2,716
Vectorworks Designer w/ Renderworks 2014         $ 3,945          $ 3,156

All prices quoted are exclusive of sales tax.

Members who already own a licensed copy of Vectorworks products will be able to upgrade to Vectorworks 2014 at a discounted rate of 20% per license. Due to the many possible combinations of products being upgraded and upgraded to, the members will need to contact Vectorworks to determine upgrade pricing.

Note, if you already own a 2013 or older Vectorworks license, you can still benefit by upgrading to 2014 at a 20% discounted rate. And, if you already upgraded to 2014, you can purchase a higher package at the same discount. Contact Vectorworks for pricing details.

The pricing listed in this proposal is valid until Nemetschek Vectorworks releases the next paid upgrade version of Vectorworks. While future events can not be predicted, Vectorworks has historically been upgraded on a 12-month cycle between paid upgrades. Between these upgrades (Vectorworks 2013, Vectorworks 2012, Vectorworks 2011, Vectorworks 2010, Vectorworks 2009, etc.) This indicates that the next paid upgrade may be released in the late fall of 2014

Your purchase also gives you:


  • Discounted prices for Vectorworks (The actual dollar savings will depend on the package purchased.)

  • Enhanced software capabilities with future releases

  • Access to Nemetschek Vectorworks technical support and training solutions

  • Support from Nemetschek Vectorworks’ local affiliate, if one is present

How to Place an Order

To place an order or learn more, USA 829members should contact Nemetschek Vectorworks’ U.S. Sales division at 888-646-4223 or e-mail

Your representative will verify your membership with the union and then ship your software. It’s that easy!

We hope you take advantage of this great offer!

3DS Max NYC User Group, April 16, 2013.
Visit for info about the NYC 3DS Max User Group.   

The direct link for the April 16th event is:

New Website Login for Members, October 4, 2010.

Welcome to the new USA 829 website!

Members: Your log-in data has changed. To log in as a member, you must use the following data:

Username = Your valid e-mail address, as found in the USA 829 member database.
     Contact any USA 829 office immediately to register your e-mail address if they don't already have it. Without that, you cannot log in to this website! Please don't assume that the union has the correct address for you: call them and verify it now.

Password = Your CAPITALIZED First Name InitialCAPITALIZED Last Name Initial +
     last 4 digits of Social Security #.
     Example: the Password for John Doe with SS# of 123-45-6789 would be JD6789.
     The Password is always case-sensitive, so JD6789 will work, while jd6789 or Jd6789 or jD6789 will not.

NOTE: Foreign members have been assigned a Password that uses their initials with their member number instead of the last four numbers of the SS#.