How to Contact a Safety Representative for USA 829

If You Have a Safety Problem on the Job

Call the Business Office immediately - 212-581-0300 - regardless of the agreement under which you are working, ask to speak to Beverly Miller or Pat Landers. Any Business Representative can assist you, but Beverly and Pat are the designated safety business reps. The receptionist can transfer your call to the Chicago or Los Angeles office if required. If you send an email, please include your phone number where we can reach you.

In Motion Pictures you should also report any safety issues to the employer by using the Safety Hotline numbers provided.

All reports are handled guarding your anonymity

WORKPLACE INSPECTIONS - You have a legal right to a safe and healthy workplace. Contact the office if you think your workplace (scenic shop, motion picture location, or theatre) has safety problems or OSHA violations. The union will make a site visit. If your employer has had an inspection done at your site the employer is obligated to post the report detailing what was inspected and what remediation steps were taken. You can ask the shop steward about this. A copy of this report should be shared with the Safety Representative in the union office who may further advise you of proper action that needs to be taken.

IATSE SAFETY HOTLINE- you may also choose to call the IATSE Safety Hotline whenever you feel unsafe on the job, for any reason. This program is not meant to take the place of an employer’s hazard reporting plan or to relieve an employer of their responsibility, The Safety Hotline is meant as a safety net when the employer’s reporting plan breaks down. When a member calls the Safety Hotline (toll free: 844-IA AWARE or 844-422-9273), the caller can either leave a message or talk to a safety representative who will begin handling the issue. Depending on the circumstances, the safety representative will contact the Local’s safety representative and assist them with the issue or call the employer directly.

SAFETY INFO APP- The IATSE Safety App is an information reference and hazard reporting tool for IATSE members. The application provides important safety information, such as studio safety hotlines, industry specific safety bulletins and a form for reporting hazards encountered on the worksite. Download is available for iPhone and Android.

You can customize the App to display handy information about your local and department. The Safety Bulletins section features dozens of topics, from Basic Safety Precautions to Dangerous Prop Guidelines. The App features a persistent button along the bottom which, when pressed, will offer to call the IATSE Safety Hotline for you.

If You Need Information on Materials, Equipment or Regulations

SAFETY CONSULTANT - United Scenic Artists employs Industrial Hygienist, Monona Rossol, M.S., M.F.A., as our safety consultant. She can provide you with hard data on hazardous materials and equipment, etc. Members of Local USA 829 may email Monona or call her at 212-777-0062 or 646-522-8604 (Cell) for information on hazardous materials and equipment, applicable laws and regulations, proper protective equipment, effects of your materials on your health or referral to occupational medical doctors.

THE NEWSLETTER COLUMN - Appears regularly. If there is any subject you think your fellow members should hear about, let us know.

THE SAFETY LIBRARY - – is a compilation of training and educational program materials written by Monona Rossol. The Safety Library is titled by topic and is now searchable.