Exam Info: Eastern Region - Beyond NYC


Applicants residing and working in the New England (Boston) and Mid-Atlantic (Washington DC) areas may choose to be reviewed locally rather than traveling to New York. In these areas reviews are given periodically or on an as-needed basis. Any applicant residing anywhere in the Eastern Region may choose to be reviewed in New York.

Please be advised that the Union will not be responsible for delayed receipt of forms or fees caused by Post Office negligence.


New England Area - reviews take place in Boston, MA 

NOTE: CLICK HERE for 2019 New England Scenic Artist Track A Review Dates & Information

  • Scenic Artists: Contact NE Scenic Artist Exam Chair Roberto Gallo with all application questions by phone at: 603-490-7748 or by e-mail to: RobertoAGallo@yahoo.com.
  • Designers (All Categories): Contact NE Designers Exam Chair David Remedios with all application questions by phone at: 781-704-4736 or by e-mail to: RemediosSound@gmail.com.
  • Contact the appropriate Exam Chairperson above directly to get the schedule for the next Exam in your category.
  • Only Scenic Artist TRACK A Exams - the portfolio review - are given in New England. Applicants for the Scenic Artist TRACK B "Open" Exam - the practical studio painting exam - must apply for the exam given every 2 years in New York City. Read this PDF file for information: Scenic Artist Exam Information NYC.

Mid Atlantic Area - reviews take place in Washington, DC

  • Call Business Rep. Martha Mountain before beginning the application process: 202-986-1558.
  • Designer Exam / Reviews will be arranged on an as-needed, rolling basis.
  • Scenic Artists are not currently reviewed in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Application Materials

All applicants are required to submit the following to the appropriate area office (forms have addresses for all areas listed above):

  1. The Application Form (see above).
  2. Three (3) Letters of Recommendation (see above).
  3. A current Résumé.
  4. A non-refundable Application Fee of $75.00 plus an Exam Fee of $125.00. These fees are payable by personal check only, made out to: "United Scenic Artists Local USA 829," and must be received by the appropriate exam committee before the review panel is convened. Your Exam Chairperson should provide you with appropriate deadlines for submission of all required materials. Please double-check your deadlines!

The review and interview should take approximately one hour. We encourage you to be well prepared to discuss the work shown at your interview, and ask that you bring an additional three (3) copies of your Résumé to the interview.


After the Exam / Interview

Once the review panel has reached a decision, you will then be contacted by mail as to whether or not you will be recommended to the General Membership for their vote of acceptance into membership.

Recommendations from area review committees will be presented for a membership vote at the next area member meeting, or forwarded to the General Membership Meeting in New York, depending on meeting scheduling.