By selecting only a membership Category below you will filter your results to a list of all members of that corresponding Category who have chosen to be in this Member Showcase and have uploaded their material for display. NOTE: Production Designers and Art Directors will be found in the Scenic Designer Category. Storyboard Artists will be found in both the Scenic Designer and the Scenic Artist Categories. 

By Selecting a Category and also typing in a First Name or Last Name (or the first two or three letters of either name) you will filter your results down even farther. For example: typing car in the First Name box would find members with the first names Carey, Carl, Carol, Carole, Caroline, Carolyn, etc. who are in the corresponding membership Category. Typing ba in the Last Name box would find members with the last names Babcock, Bachman, Bachtell, Bagner, Bader, Badger, etc. who are in the corresponding membership Category.

Once your results have been generated, click on any Last Name to bring up that member's Résumé and/or Gallery.

This is a member-driven online Showcase, and not all members may be participating. 

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