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Babies in Tech - NY Times Article

We are heartened to see this excellent article by Michael Paulson in The New York Times featuring the design team of “Lifespan of a Fact.” Juggling childcare and the economics of raising a family can be daunting for all theater parents and we are thrilled to see this team and their families thriving and succeeding. Congratulations to Mimi LienLinda ChoJen Schriever, Palmer Hefferan and Lucy Mackinnon.

“The question of how well — or poorly — the theater world accommodates child care has been talked about for years, and is closely bound up with the discussion of why women are so underrepresented as writers, directors, and designers at the industry’s highest, and highest-paying, levels. ‘Women tend to get pregnant right when their careers are taking off, and that has to be addressed or we’re going to lose talent,’ said Julia Jordan, a playwright and co-founder of the Lilly Awards Foundation, an organization honoring women in theater which has pressed for greater attention to child care issues.”