If you became a member of USA 829 prior to the merger with the IATSE, you probably did not complete an Emergency Contact Information form. This is a standard form that we now ask new members to complete, and it is kept in their file at the NY Business Office. We keep this private information in our records in the event that it is necessary to contact someone on a member's behalf, i.e. medical emergencies, accidents, etc.

You are encouraged to fill in the form and send it to the office so that you can keep your emergency (and additional) contact information current.

Please click on the link below and download the 1-page PDF form. If you use Adobe Acrobat (but not the "Preview" program that MAC computers use by default to view PDF files) you can type your information directly into the interactive form using your computer. Then save the completed form to your computer hard drive, replacing "USA-829" at the start of the file name with your name (becoming, for example, "C-Nick-Artist_Emergency-&-Additional-Info-Form_A.pdf." E-mail the completed & renamed PDF to LeVonne Barry:

If you would prefer, you can print the blank form, then fill in the information by hand. That completed form should be faxed to LeVonne at 212-977-2011.

Cathy Santucci-Keator,
Financial Secretary

Emergency & Additional Contact Info PDF Form