The Health and Safety of members has always been a high priority for Local USA 829.

United Scenic Artists employs a nationally known Industrial Hygienist, Monona Rossol, M.S., M.F.A., as our Safety Business Representative. She has been involved in providing Health and Safety advice to Scenic Artists and other theater workers since 1977, and wrote the book Stage Fright: Health and Safety in the Theater, among many others. Over the past decade she has guided the Local in establishing and maintaining a five-part Safety Program:
  1. SHOP INSPECTIONS - You have a legal right to a safe and healthy workplace. If you think your shop has safety problems or OSHA violations, or if you'd like recommendations for ventilation systems or safety equipment, contact Monona or Beverly Miller.
  2. AN INFORMATION HOTLINE - Your own personal consultant to provide you with hard data on hazardous materials and equipment, etc. If you need help, of course, you can call anytime. But to be sure that she will be poised by the phone, references at the ready and computer up and running, Monona has set up a weekly consult period: Wednesday from 1 - 5 pm EST. See CONTACT SAFETY REPRESENTATIVE FOR USA 829 left.
  3. TRAINING and EDUCATION PROGRAMS - Let's face it... we all need to know more about the hazards of our work, the laws and regulations, and the precautions to take. Formal training is already required by OSHA. However, OSHA expects employers to provide the training. In this industry, many employers simply aren't doing it. The Union, then, must take over the job. By doing its own training, USA 829 will both protect its workers and make them more valuable to employers who want to comply with OSHA rules. Hazard Communication (HAZCOM)Training is offered regularly.
  4. THE NEWSLETTER COLUMN - appears monthly. If there is any subject you think your fellow members should hear about, Monona would be happy to address it.
  5. THE SAFETY LIBRARY - The Newsletter columns and the training and educational program materials are compiled and into a library of reference materials for USA 829. See SAFETY LIBRARY [left].