401(k) FORMS
From the links below, you may download and use the following forms for 401(k) participation: 
  • 401(k) Initial Investment New Enrollment Authorization Form - This form is intended for members of Local USA 829 who are enrolling in the Union’s 401(k) Plan for the first time. Please complete the form and give it to your Employer, and mail a copy of it as soon as possible to Administrative Services Only at the address listed in the upper right-hand corner of the form. It's very important that ASO receives this information so that it can be forwarded on to Vanguard for the initial investment of your money.
  • 401(k) Investment Authorization or Change Form - which current participants should use when you are enrolling for payroll deductions on a new job or for a new employer, or to make changes to your percentage contribution with a current Employer.
  • 401(k) Employer Remittance Form - The form that an Employer uses to specify wages and contributions for one or more covered employees.


Upon initial enrollment with the 401(k) plan, the participant will be sent a packet of information from Vanguard detailing each of their investment options, as well as a PIN number to access Vanguard’s automated system. Participants may then change their allocation at any time by calling 800-523-1036 or going online.

Please visit the Vanguard website to review, manage and/or make changes to your 401(k) fund account at: http://www.vanguard.com

The 401(k) Plan is administered by Benserco, Inc. Marylou Gartland and Caroline Gordon are the 401(k) Fund contacts at Benserco.

Benserco phone: 1-866-798-5733 
Benserco fax: 1-201-947-9192

Marylou Gartland e-mail: marylou.gartland@benserconj.com
Caroline Gordon e-mail: caroline.gordon@benserconj.com

Mailing address:

Benserco Inc. 140 Sylvan Avenue, Suite 303 Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632